Drone Software Canada Inc

Exclusive distributor for Loveland Innovations’ products in Canada, Australia, and New Zealand

Developed by our partner, Loveland Innovations, LLC, IMGING is the world’s leading drone-based inspection and flight automation solution built specifically for the insurance, restoration, solar and roofing industries. It enables users to collect and analyze property data using a blend of drone technology and deep learning.

IMGING software is built with scale and efficiency in mind. It easily integrates into existing insurance, solar and roofing workflows with web and mobile applications  to schedule and define inspections ahead of time, assign to inspectors in the field, and organize and track jobs. The tablet application makes it easy for field users to organize jobs, check airspace, conduct automated flights and create inspection reports with detailed annotations.

IMGING-based inspections are provided in Canada, Australia and New Zealand either by networks of independent certified drone operators or by end users such as insurance, restoration, building, solar and roofing companies acquiring their own drones and pilots. Either way, DSC helps enable services that support our clients in quickly deploying drone programs, including training and certification assistance with Regulators in all 3 countries.

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Inspect Roofs in 5 minutes

IMGING lets you inspect even the steepest, most complex roofs in as little as five minutes. Best of all, you can impress homeowners with detailed images so they can see the damage (and your diligence) themselves.