With roof damage, things aren’t always what they seem. When a policyholder says one thing happened, but the damage says otherwise, how do you know the real story? IMGING® gives you more confidence in the data you gather so you never have to wonder. Measure roofs and use virtual test squares to assess damage and arrive at accurate estimates — you can even share your reports with policyholders, so they know the numbers all add up.

Discover the True Story

Gather incredibly detailed roof and property information using an automated drone, then analyze everything in an easy-to-use platform.

Amp-up your information quality so no loose shingle or hail hit sneaks past you.

Find all the damage a policy covers so policyholders get what they deserve.

Show policyholders exactly what caused damage and where, so they can fully understand your estimates.

Get the same quality information quickly, regardless of a roof’s size, pitch, or complexity.

Complete thorough inspections in as little as five minutes without missing a thing.


Super Simple App

Manage jobs, process data, and create flight plans so drones can fly for you.


Solid Hardware

Reliable hardware provides the simplest, quickest inspections.



 Comprehensive Training

From helping you understand IMGING to giving you a quick path to a Remote Pilot Certificate.


Accurate, Easy, Automated

IMGING includes the app, inspection kit, and training, so you get everything you need to conduct better inspections out of the box.

An easy-to-fly automated drone gathers detailed roof and property info in as little as five minutes.

In-app technology automatically detects damage for you.

View damage inside test squares so you can quickly total out a roof when you need to.

Accurate measurements of every facet.

Easy-export options let you create and share reports as an easy-to-read PDF.