Learn Regulations And Get Certified

To conduct roof and property inspections commercially, you need to follow Transport Canada’s regulatory requirements and demonstrate knowledge of these requirements. Our training partners make this process incredibly simple through a combination of webinars, online videos, study guides, and other materials that just about guarantee you’ll pass your test the first time.

Understand the IMGING Kit 

Your IMGING® kit looks awesome, but how does all that gear work together? What’s the first step toward getting your drone in the sky? We got you. Our training partners cover:

  • The basics of drone hardware and how to care for your drone
  • What is included in your training exam and how to pass it
  • How to use the features in both the IMGING Mobile and Web app

Training is just one part of the IMGING experience.

Super Simple App

Manage jobs, process data, and create flight plans
so drones can fly for you.

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Solid Hardware

Reliable hardware provides the simplest,
quickest inspections.

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